Sunday, October 12, 2014

Not cake related: White Girl Chile Rellanos

Several years ago, I created a tutorial on how to make White Girl Chile Rellanos on another blog for which I was a contributor.  I just found out that the entire blog has removed from the internet.  So rather than letting the tutorial die along with that blog, I thought  I'd re-create it here on this blog.

My best friend introduced me to this recipe many many years ago.  I've been making it since.  It's an easy way to make chile rellanos, even on a week night.

You'll start with the following ingredients:

Whole green chiles (from a can as pictured here, or you can use freshly roasted Anaheim green chiles that you've skinned and removed the stems and seeds); refried beans (from a can or freshly made); enchilada sauce (again, you can use canned or make your own); Colby/Monterey Jack cheese (I also like using Cacique cheese [many varieties to choose from]); egg roll wrappers.

Place an egg roll wrapper on your cutting board, remove a chile from the can, and with the juice from the chile, wet the outside edge of the wrapper.  

Cut the chile open, place it in the middle of the wrapper, then spoon some beans in the center, top with a wedge (or two) of cheese.

Beginning with the corner closest to you, fold the wrapper up over the filling.  
 Fold the sides over, then finish rolling the rellano, until it looks like an egg roll.

Repeat with the rest of the ingredients until you have all your rellanos made.  
Meanwhile, heat canola oil over medium high heat, so you can fry your rellanos.
Fry on each side until golden brown and crispy.

Keep the fried rellanos warm in your oven (heated to 250 degrees Fahrenheit) until you are finished cooking all the rellanos.

Meanwhile, heat the enchilada sauce or make your own (these are good with green chili or even red chili).  Serve with Spanish rice, some shredded cheese and sour cream.