Friday, February 10, 2012

Oh-so-yummy sugar cookies

These soft sugar cookies are topped with a melt-in-your-mouth white chocolate fondant.  Perfect for an afternoon tea with your ladies group or a baby shower.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Fashion purse - that's a cake??

I've been wanting to try my hand at a fashion purse cake for a while, but was slightly daunted by the task.  Finally I decided to enter a cake into a local church's bake off, and thought what better way to practice a new skill and new design.
This is a sculpted red velvet cake with white chocolate ganache and marshmallow fondant.  Accents are made with a fondant/gum paste mixture.  This was a lot of fun to make, and the late nights were worth it!

Most requested cake

My most requested cake is what I am now calling Life by Chocolate (because really, isn't death by chocolate a bit morbid?).  It is my triple chocolate fudge caramel toffee chip cake.  It's a mouthful - both literally and figuratively.

I start with a cake that has three different types of chocolate in it, include a chocolate fudge pudding.  Layer it with a creamy, yummy caramel filling, sprinkled with toffee chips.  Now the fun part!  I have three different kinds of icing that I can use to frost it with.

Chocolate buttercream.

Chocolate caramel whipped frosting.

Dark chocolate butter frosting (a cooked frosting).

All three truly make the mouth come alive with pleasure!

Which cake do you want to order?